domenica 8 febbraio 2015

Buellive 2014 - Part #1 Saturday 14 June.

An event like Buellive is difficult to describe... pictures say much more than words... and choosing among the hundreds of pics taken during those two days was not an easy task. That's why it took me so long to choose the most representative ones...

It was a real adventure, organized over several months of study, planning, discussions....
Let me thank Manuel and Mario, who are probably even crazier than I am, without whom it would have never been possible to create this event from scratch!

Buellive was realized thanks to Franciacorta International Circuit, all the sponsors and companies that supported us, WSBK Team Hero EBR and EBR Europe.

Special thanks go to all the Buell owners that attended the event from all over Italy and Europe to share their passion for the Buell world.

Here below some pictures from the first day of the event!

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