mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

old commercial

Five Trail Bikes that BSA was offering to the public in 1971.

The ad has a drawing of a Drive-In Restaurant where the car-hops are all paying attention to the young man sitting on his new Sprint H. The ad headline claims that you can "Drive In on the new Harley-Davidson Sprint H".

The ad headline simply says "Cool It"

The ad has a photo of a man who has ridden his Z-1 to the gas pump at a small town station. As he stands admiring an antique motorcycle in need of restoration in the bay of the station the rest of the townspeople stand admiring his motorcycle. The ad headline calls it "The Center of Attention".

The ad headline describes it as "Superplus! the newCommando 850" .

lunedì 22 agosto 2011

the day is nearly here

The Italian Buell Weekend, a must for all the owners of Buell in Italy and abroad, a way to pay tribute to our bikes as we did in 2010 in Riccione.
"YOU will have the chance to share your passion with loads of BUELL riders the 1st weekend of september, for a long lasting adventure, enjoying two days of pleasant serenity on the saddle of your Buell. Yes, it's time to be there!

Buell... one brand, one flag, a way of life, and still an excuse to live happily. See you in Lerici".

sabato 20 agosto 2011

on the road to meet some friends

Riding on streets that seem built for motorcycles is fantastic, and there's nothing better than doing it to then find the hearty welcome of some unique friends.

Thank you Luca and Sabrina!

Here below a couple of pictures of the "beasts" our friend keeps in his garage together with a real warehouse-sanctuary of spares and accessories for old tube-frame the end all is necessary to look after his two S1s-

Percorrere delle strade che sembrano costruite per attraversarle in moto è fantastico, farlo per essere accolti dall'ospitalità di amici unici è il massimo. 
Grazie Luca e Sabrina

....ecco un paio di foto delle "belve"custodite nel garage "dell'amico" con un vero e proprio magazzino-santuario di ricambi ed accessori per i vecchi tralicci Buell, tutto il necessario per accudire le sue due S1.


Power to the skull!!

Thanks to ChurchofChoppers for the envelope!!

....thanks also to the postman who, due to the skull stamp, decided to open it to check what was inside!

Temescal Alley Barbershop, Oakland, CA + 4Q.

lunedì 15 agosto 2011

The current "working" generation can never afford.

Selling hip is one of the most baffling social psychological  phenoms of our time. The image is the American worker of the 40s-60s etc. sold at a price tag that generation, and the current "working" generation can never afford. It all just makes me a little uncomfortable.

 Hip shit be damned.

Triumph wandering around London

trip to the lake

riding the right motorbikes makes us thirsty