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Buell RR1000R by Steve Ledsham.

Our friend Steve Ledsham, who owns the Buell RR1000 Lucifer's Hammer II, has realized this article for including a detailed description of the unique characteristics of this wonderful motorbike and some enthralling pictures taken by Damian Mcfadden.

At present, Steve is restoring his RR1000 to re-establish, as far as possible, the bike's original features and to put Lucifer's Hammer back on track the way it was thought and realized to be used in the AMA-BoTT championship.

This RR1000 is the only existing and circulating original Lucifer's Hammer II in the world, it is the first Harley Davidson powered bike, featuring Buell brand name on the fuel tank. This motorbike made a start on a 25 year-long adventure that involved tens of thousands of bikers. A motorbike whose value can hardly be estimated.

...well, this piece of motorcycling history cannot be found in any museum, as it is owned by a collector and a real enthusiast... to tell the truth... maybe this is the best fate a motorbike could deserve... Thank you Steve.

This is a beast with a convoluted history. It’s one of just three racing RR1000s produced by Erik Buell before the road version was released in the late 80s. The story starts with the Harley Owners Group, which asked Buell to make a chassis for a race bike using the Harley-Davidson XR engine: the rise in engine capacity from 750 to 1000cc for AMA BoTT racing had made the XR750 uncompetitive against most European high-performance motorcycles. So Buell designed an XR1000-powered bike with racing in mind. It appeared in 1986 and was known as “Lucifer’s Hammer II”, or more formally, the RR1000.

The RR1000 was a very small bike, with a wheelbase of only 136cm and a steering head angle of 25 degrees. It rolled on 16” magnesium wheels and Marzocchi M1R or WP upside-down forks, with the rear suspension placed under the engine. The engine is positioned high and forward, and mounted in the chassis using a ‘Uniplaner’ system designed to isolate the chassis from vibrations. The bike has a dry weight of 180kg, a 55° maximum angle of lean, and a maximum speed recorded at Daytona of about 280kph.

Engine: XR1000-based engine with cutaway timing case giving access to the oil pump (high delivery type) and later primary cases which are better for racing (narrower). The crankcases have been strengthened in the usual places. The crankshaft has been reworked and now has race connecting rods from Carrillo.
XR cylinder heads have been reworked with twin plugs, ported with bigger titanium valves angled at 60 degrees and operated by roller cam followers, pushrods and rocker arms. Gases are supplied by two 40mm Mikuni flat slide carburettors. The gases are carried away by a Buell “works” exhaust system.
Each cylinder barrel has been lightened and a “Gilardoni” forged piston fitted (intended for a Ducati). The motor has a displacement of 997.10 cc. with 81mm bore X 96.80mm stroke, and four Storz camshafts with eccentric adjustment. Gearbox is standard but carefully assembled. A modified XR clutch and chain primary are fitted. The engine running on race fuel (115 octane) produces 94HP, with incredible delivery due to an almost flat torque curve.

Chassis: Buell RR1000 chassis none VIN and preproduction. The rear swing arm is of the type designed by Erik Buell for the Pirelli radial tyre in 1986. It’s approximately 50mm longer than the road RR1000 swing arm. Forks are very special 42 mm upside-down Ohlins: these are the rare early type used by many of the GP and WSB teams in the late 80s. Rear shock is Ohlins fully adjustable.
Other Chassis Parts: The fairing was made of composite material especially for this RR1000. The fuel tank is handmade and alloy, produced by Giancarlo Berti. The engine oil tank was also made specifically and placed under the saddle, while the original version was positioned at the front under the engine.

All linkages, fittings and brackets are handmade for this bike.

L'amico Steve Ledsham, attuale proprietario della Buell RR1000 Lucifer's Hammer II, ha realizzato questo editoriale per BIKEEXIF con la descrizione dettagliata delle caratteristiche uniche di questa magnifica motocicletta accompagnata da immagini altrettanto coinvolgenti realizzate da Damian Mcfadden.
Attualmente Steve è impegnato nel "restauro" della sua RR1000 per ripristinare il più possibile l'originalità del mezzo e riportare in pista la Lucifer's Hammer così come era stata pensata e realizzata per essere utilizzata nell'AMA-BoTT.
Questa RR1000 è l'unica originale LHII esistente e circolante al mondo, è la prima due ruote motorizzata Harley Davidson a riportare sul serbatoio il nome Buell, con questa moto è iniziata un'avventura durata 25 anni che ha coinvolto decine di migliaia di motociclisti, una due ruote dal valore storico difficilmente stimabile......beh, questo pezzo di storia motociclistica non si trova in nessun museo ma è di proprietà di un collezionista e di un appassionato vero...a pensarci bene è la sorte migliore che possa capitare ad una moto. Grazie Steve.

Twinline Motorcycles

Twinline Motorcycles| Doing what you love Inspires from Moto Rivista on Vimeo.

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Chopbike: 1st doubt

Which is the right color for a chopbike?

mod. '67 Bianchi Corsa.

...after an arduous stripping!! 

Buell XBRR

EAST TROY, Wis. (January 23, 2006) - Erik Buell and company come full circle with the introduction of the 2007 Buell XBRR, a limited-edition production racing motorcycle designed exclusively for closed course competition. A spiritual successor to Buell's first motorcycle, the 1983 RW750, the XBRR is poised to change the face of privateer racing with a professional-level, race-ready, production-based platform featuring top-shelf racing technology and typical Buell innovation.

"The XBRR combines the current culmination of Buell's leading edge chassis technology and Harley-Davidson's air-cooled V-Twin powertrain development in a platform designed by and developed for dedicated racers," said Erik Buell, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer, Buell Motorcycle Company.

For Erik Buell, the XBRR marks a return to his racing roots. As a successful privateer road racer early in his career, Buell eventually built his own race bikes for the AMA's then-premier Formula 1 class. The RW750 was a hand-built race bike, and it became the first official Buell motorcycle. Two were produced before the AMA discontinued the class after 1985. Buell then translated his race-bred design principles into a line of successful street bikes leading up to the current XB platform.

The Buell XBRR features a modified XB Thunderstorm 1339cc (103.6mm bore x 79.4mm stroke) air/oil-cooled V-Twin motor rated at 150-hp (measured at the crankshaft). The engine is fed by a dual-downdraft 62mm throttle-body electronic fuel injection system and a ram-air intake system integrated with a new wind-tunnel developed carbon fiber fairing.

The XBRR is the first production Buell since the 1988-89 RR1200 to feature a full fairing. Its lightweight carbon design integrates ducts for cooling of the engine and oil cooler. The fairing was extensively wind tunnel tested to improve aerodynamics and reduce drag.

The XBRR chassis is the revolutionary XB design with fuel-in-the-frame and oil-in-the-swingarm, modified with a billet axle adjustment system and chain-drive to allow gearing changes for different race tracks. Suspension travel is managed by fully adjustable Öhlins units, with 43mm front forks and a remote-reservoir rear shock.

A new ZTL2 (Zero Torsional Load) eight-piston front caliper grabs a standard XB front rotor providing outstanding braking performance, but with less weight than conventional designs. New XBRR six-spoke magnesium wheels weigh 33 percent less than standard XB wheels.

Instruments include tachometer, indicator lamps for shift, power on and low oil pressure. The XBRR features a unique Buell Racing paint scheme.

Buell XBRR features:

• 1339cc (81.7 cid) Thunderstorm Powertrain: 
• 4.080 inch (103.6 mm) bore and 3.125 inch (79.4mm) stroke 
• 12.5:1 compression ratio 
• Dual 62 mm down-draft fuel-injection throttle bodies 
• WAVE-analyzed header and mass-centralized muffler 
• 150+ peak engine horsepower at 8000 rpm (per SAE J607) 
• 100 ft. lbs. peak engine torque at 6500 rpm (per SAE J607) 

Black 6-Spoke Cast Magnesium Racing wheels: 
• Front: 3.5 inch (88.9mm) x 17 inch (431.8mm) wheel with 120/70R-17 tire 
• Rear: 5.5 inch (139.7mm) x 17 inch (431.8mm) wheel with 190/55R-17 tire 
• Buell ZTL2 reversed rotor front brake with eight-piston Nissin caliper 
• Ram Air system integrated with full racing fairing 
• Carbon fiber bodywork 
• 43mm Öhlins adjustable front suspension with inverted forks 
• Öhlins fully-adjustable rear suspension with coil-over monoshock with remote reservoir 
• 55-degree lean angle (hard contact) 
• 30.5-inch (775 mm) seat height 
• 21-degree rake and 3.4-inch (86 mm) trail 
• Cast-aluminum swingarm with billet axle adjustment system 
• Center position wheelbase 52.8 inches (1341 mm) 
• Range wheelbase 51.8 - 53.8 inches (1315 mm - 1367 mm) 
• Buell Racing paint scheme 

To accommodate eligibility in a wide variety of racing classes, an engine modification kit will be available to help conform the XBRR to a wide range of class regulations.
Buell will produce 50 XBRR motorcycles with a short initial run in late February and the balance made in April. U.S. MSRP is $30,995.

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first run

Una giornata per cui vale la pena attraversare un inverno.
400km di sole, curve e Buell.

Ritrovare la Tribù sulla strada, riscoprire il gusto che si prova a viaggiare su due ruote ed a condividere km ed esperienze.

Niente di meglio, niente di meglio.

venerdì 8 aprile 2011

City Lights Bookstore, 261 Columbus Avenue at Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133.

Founded in 1953 by poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Peter D. Martin, City Lights is one of the few truly great independent bookstores in the United States, a place where booklovers from across the country and around the world come to browse, read, and just soak in the ambiance of alternative culture's only "Literary Landmark." Although it has been more than fifty years since tour buses with passengers eager to sight "beatniks" began pulling up in front of City Lights, the Beats' legacy of anti-authoritarian politics and insurgent thinking continues to be a strong influence in the store, most evident in the selection of titles.

lunedì 4 aprile 2011

chez Manuel

Un paio di amici che condividono la stessa passione, il giusto clima ed una grigliata onesta, non si può chiedere di più. 

Avevo dimenticato il piacere di stare per centinaia di km con i pensieri dentro ad un casco, ci voleva.

Grazie di cuore a Manuel e Silvia.
Tommy, la tua moto è pronta. -_-