lunedì 28 novembre 2011

Ornamental Conifer

Unknown Pleasures in London.

Nicolai Sclater ©
East London Signwriter
offering a traditional approach
to Commercial Art.

giovedì 24 novembre 2011

a Saturday in Brighton

at the bus station we couldn't imagine the place we were about to discover...we weren't expecting the astonishingly breathtaking-ness of Brighton...

its salty air and the offhand and easy-going atmosphere you concretely feel while wandering through its narrow, colourful and lively streets captured us instantly, leaving us into a sort of “agonistic trance”, in and out of each of all those vintage clothes shops...

every other word is useless, you just have to go there to understand what we're talking about



domenica 20 novembre 2011


another part restored...

the project of this winter modifications has begun

oh yeah!!

sabato 19 novembre 2011

DicE Issue 42 Release Party. Verona. Italy. January 20th.

So the weekend of January 20th through to the 22nd is the huge Verona Bike Expo. We are having a party with Lowside magazine in a killer bar 5 minutes from the Expo showground. Bellissimo!

mercoledì 16 novembre 2011

S1s in Lucas' garage

they are thoroughbreds carefully detailed

character, appeal and passion on two wheels

there are no terms of comparison, they are S1.